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Foundation SAF is the Social Responsibility Arm of the SAMUEL AKINBODUNSE MINISTRIES
The mandate is to liberate the nations from intellectual and material poverty,
and personal causes
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Our mission is to Enhancing the dignity of life by empowering the needy in the society

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    What Founder say ?

    Our mission extends beyond the Charity and into the communities that we serve.

    Is the Social Resposibility Arm of the SAMUEL AKINBODUNSE MINISTRIES. The mandate is to libertae the nations from intellectual and material poverty, through the instrumentality of empowerment.

    The look of this foundation are drawn from the Nazarene example of feeding the multitude with bread and fish, and from the dramatic provision of manna by Yahweh in the wilderness. We acknowledge that there are human basic needs that are prerequisite either for individual or national development. Samuel Akinbodunse bears a cathedral burden that not only meets the spiritual needs of men but is also passionate about personal and national developments. He believes that the Kingdom of God transcends all facets of human life and culture.  The answer to our social, economic and political quagmire is in the power of the Gospel.

    The Gospel is God’s news to the world at all times. The center and sole message of the Gospel is Jesus who is God-incarnate, and who died and rose again the as many as believe in Him might enjoy abundant life. abundant life is restored fellowship with God; abundant life is hope love and home for the orphan; abundant life is prosperity to the poor; abundant life is divine health as well as accessible health care for the sick; abundant life is sound and affordable education; abundant life is shelter for the homeless; care for the aged; and the power of individuals to pursue personal goals. These and more are what the Akinbodunse Foundation stands for. You build a nation by building one man, one woman, and a child at a time. The nation is healed by one random healing at a time. We take every opportunity we have to touch a life.

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    The Just giving charity provides enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds. Our upcoming event
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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